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Galveston Open 

The contest is called off for this weekend  Feb 24&25 next on call dates are March 2&3. Thank you to our Sponsors Ohana Surf and Skate and Beerfoot Brewery. 

Register Here!
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Thank you Saltwater Recon! 

We want to say a big thank you to Saltwater Recon for being our technology sponsor the past two seasons! With their support we were able to purchase all equipment needed to move forward with live event scoring. Saltwater Recon utilizes the latest technology in live, high definition, interactive web cameras, will be the “Know Before You Go” resource for millions of people. Whether boating, fishing, surfing or observing real-time coastal conditions,’s array of HD cameras, combined with expert boating, fishing, and weather content will give visitors the information needed to plan a safe and successful day on the water.
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Port Aransas Open 

The contest is called on for this weekend Feb 10&11 thank you to our sponsors Third Coast Beach Co,  Benjamin's, Aloha Beach RV Resort and Howdy Yall! 

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Addition of a Beach Marshal 

We have an important development to share with you. In an effort to improve the organization of our events, the TGSA has decided to replace the traditional tallying position with the newly established Beach Marshal role.

What Does the Beach Marshal Do?
The Beach Marshal will play a pivotal role in ensuring the efficiency and fairness of our surfing competitions. Their responsibilities encompass:

Competitor Check-In: Beach Marshals will oversee the registration process, ensuring that competitors are checked in and ready for their heats on time.
Distribution of Contest Jerseys: They will be responsible for handing out contest jerseys and ensuring that each competitor receives the correct jersey color. This is crucial to maintain the accuracy of judging.
Providing Event Information: Beach Marshals will be available to address any questions or concerns from contestants and provide guidance on special instructions or event logistics in coordination with the Competition Director and Surfer Rep as needed.
Alternate Entries: In collaboration with the Competition Director, Beach Marshals will ensure that alternates are correctly integrated into heats, ensuring a seamless competition flow.
Jersey Collection: Following the completion of heats, Beach Marshals will collect and check back in the jerseys. It is imperative that competitors promptly return their jerseys. Failure to do so will result in a charge of $40 for the missing jersey.

This transition to the Beach Marshal position is a strategic step to enhance the overall experience for all involved in our competitions. We believe it will contribute to the efficiency and accuracy of event operations.

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To promote the sport and spirit of surfing on the Texas coast through healthy competition while promoting good sportsmanship, education and environmental awareness.


Contact Us

Contact TGSA by email at  We will get back to you as soon as we can.  

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