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                    PRO/AM Waco Surf 

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The Tejasurf PRO/AM at Waco Surf on November 19 will consist of 6 divisions Senior Men, Men, Junior Men, Women, Junior Women and Open Air. There is limited availability in each division due to needing to stay within the 8 hours we have at the wave pool. 

The contest will be held at Waco Surf on November 19 from 8am-4pm.  We will use the Grom Competition wave which was used in the Rip Curl Grom Contest. This wave consists of a wave then a bump and then another wave. This allows for the judges to see each competitors entire ride. Each competitor will surf round 1 which will consist of 3 rights and 3 lefts, we will then have another round for each competitor to have a chance to improve their scores with 3 more rights and 3 lefts. The top 2 scores will count and you will be competing against your entire division not just your heat. The top 3-6 in each division will move on to the finals for another 3 waves of rights and lefts. Your top two scores will count.  The open air heats will allow each competitor to attempt airs from the right and the left using the air wave setting. The top two scores will count. 

There will be a prize purse of $4,000 up for grabs as well as other prizes and a $250 gift card to Waco Surf! 

There are private hours booked on Friday November 18 for practice sessions where you can sign up to practice on the Grom Competition wave before the contest.  The practice session are broken up into 30 minutes with a max of 9 in each session. The session are from:





You can sign up for the contest and practice sessions below. 

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